Our CBD Story

Sativa Gold was born in 2020 out of a passion for CBD and its benefits, with a drive to provide the very best, ultra-premium range of CBD oil and products for the UK.

Providing the highest quality experience for our customers is at the core of everything that we do. To do this, we control the entire production process, from farm to door, to ensure that our products are transparent, tested, pure and compliant, and you know what you are receiving when you buy a Sativa Gold product.



As a team, we are driven and committed to providing the highest quality UK CBD oil, capsules and cream products available in the UK.

We task our agronomists with the selection of the finest varieties of EU approved hemp seed and cultivate them in the cleanest, fertile soils of our organic farms in Europe. Once cultivated and in our UK labs, we use a 100% natural alcohol-based extraction method to produce the highest grade extract possible. This extraction process also causes no environmental impact.

Once extracted, our products go through an extremely high level of compliance testing to ensure the CBD dosing is accurate, which can be accurately reported each and every time.


The wide range of CBD oil, capsules and cream we offer gives you the freedom to pick a method of consumption that best works for you, with the assurance that every product is tested, analysed and trusted to be pure and THC free. Our crops are organically grown, vegan certified and contain no herbicides, pesticides or heavy metals. And to provide clarity to our customers we provide batch test results to validate the safety, legality and conformity of every CBD product that we produce – just look for the batch test barcode on your product and scan it to read the results.