How to use CBD

We understand that CBD products are a fairly new proposition to most UK consumers and there can be some confusion around how it’s taken, the different strengths and how to get started. This guide should give you a good grounding and help you on your way to unlocking the potential benefits of the Sativa Gold CBD product range and how to use CBD effectively.

Starting out…

How much CBD should I take?

When you begin taking CBD it is wise to start small and build up, everyone reacts differently and depending on your body’s chemistry and the strength of the CBD the reactions and effects are different. We suggest you start at 20mg a day and work up, increasing or decreasing 5 mg a day, each week until you get the desired effect. It is wise to keep track of your daily intake of CBD. If you are regularly taking medicine or prescribed medication, you should consult with your Doctor prior to using any CBD products.

Which Sativa Gold CBD products are recommended for beginners?

Our range of supplement capsules, similar vitamin and mineral supplements, is a great place to start. They are very simple to take and available in a wide variety of strengths. As you start to understand your optimum dose, you will be able to experiment with our wide variety of CBD products including Oils & Creams.

How to use CBD effectively

Generally, CBD products are consumed orally, with some products such us our Rejuvenating Creams being absorbed through the skin. We believe the best combination of product and method is to take Oil under the tongue, using the pipette provided. When left for two minutes before swallowing, diffusion of CBD into the bloodstream is maximised, thus giving you more value for money.

CBD for everyday health & wellness

If you have been looking for supplements that may help with your everyday health and wellbeing then CBD products could be for you and with Sativa Gold’s premium CBD offering, we are confident our products will yield the best results in an increasingly busy market. Positive new research findings are being published regularly, meaning there’s plenty to be excited about in the world of CBD.

It’s worth noting that any claim is based on an individual’s experience using it. If you have any questions about CBD, please get in touch, we would love to help or hear your feedback