What’s in CBD oil? Checking what is in your bottle

Monday April 19, 2021

When browsing CBD oils, have you struggled to decide on a high quality CBD oil product you can trust? How can you tell which CBD oil is good quality? Where does it come from? Has it been produced via a reputable supply chain?

Many consumers are seeking to be more clued up on what is in their products and how they are made. So, let us answer some of your burning questions…

Are all CBD brands equal? Does it matter who I buy from?

Since CBD oil has risen in popularity, it has been incorporated in a lot of products. Established brands and newcomers have been adding it to foods, skin products and drinks. Sadly, not all CBD brands are equal and finding a good one means doing your homework.

Tests by The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis have found that not all CBD products offer the same level of the active ingredient. Some products contain incredibly low levels compared to what is stated on the packaging.

UK regulators are looking to address this issue by including CBD products into the Novel Foods Act. The Act came into force on 31 March 2021. Brands will come under more stringent regulation, part of which will require that they use a third party to test and prove the CBD content of their products.

We recommend you look into the brand you are considering to check whether it is a high quality CBD oil or product.

Reputable CBD brands will share the list of ingredients in each product and their lab results for each batch to show consistency and strength. You can see our independent lab reports here.

Our brand’s story: creating a quality CBD product line

When we were setting up Sativa Gold, we sensed that competitor products varied widely in quality. To confirm this, we commissioned an independent company to look into it and our suspicions were confirmed.

We knew we could offer much better.

Our mission was to sell superior quality CBD products. We ensure we are a premium quality supplier without the premium price tag.

Our biggest concern from evaluating the market was the lack of traceability and accountability behind each product and brand. It was essential for us that from the very beginning that we gave 100% product transparency, and that we were easy to do business with.

We made a conscious decision not to do a huge range of products. Instead we would focus on a core line, and do them well.

From ground to bottle – how is Sativa Gold produced?

Our hemp plants are grown in sunny Southern Portugal on a privately owned, licensed farm which maintains EU standards.

Our agronomists select the finest varieties of EU approved hemp seed. The cannabis strains are grown, analysed and studied at the site. Our crop is grown to organic standards, free from pesticides and cultivated in clean fertile soil which does not contain heavy metals.

Our CBD is extracted and tested at labs back in Britain. Through our quality compliance testing programme, we can guarantee the CBD strengths and quality within each product are exactly what is stated in each pack.

Our products go through an extremely high level of compliance testing, which includes HPLC and Gas Chromatography batch testing as well as an independent test to ensure that our dosing is accurate.

Chromatography accurately separates, identifies and quantifies each component at parts per millions. This means our customers know they are getting top quality. We can happily provide full traceability on every ingredient sourced and used.

Every single batch is independently tested. You can look up your bottle’s batch information in our batch reports section of our website. Simply scan the QR code on the packaging of the Sativa Gold product you bought or input the batch number into our website. You will be taken to the independent lab report for your specific product batch.

So that’s it. Now you know more about Sativa Gold’s CBD products and where they have come from. If you ever have any questions we are more than happy to answer them, or feel free to check out our FAQs.