Rugby hero Steve Thompson shares his experience with CBD

Thursday May 21, 2020

After 15 years of playing professional rugby, Steve Thompson left the profession in 2011.

After a recommendation from a friend to try CBD oil to support his health and wellbeing, Steve began taking it in 2019. Steve now uses CBD drops twice a day.

Steve’s CBD experience:

I played professional rugby for 15 years and enjoyed the game, but there came a time when it was wise to retire to build a family life.

Nowadays I have a very physical job and my health and wellbeing is important to me because of having my young family at home.

I was introduced to CBD by a friend. At the time I knew nothing about it, but he had been using it for a while and felt that it could help to support my health.

I started using two drops of 500mg oil twice a day regularly and noticed the difference within a week. I now take two drops of 2000mg Premium CBD Oil twice a day and am a great fan of the full range of products that Sativa Gold offers.

Steve Thompson is a former rugby union player, playing for Northampton Saints and England, where he was part of the World Cup-winning team in 2003. Steve retired from rugby in 2011 and now lives with his young family in Davenham.