What is Organic cannabis oil?

Sunday July 11, 2021

Ever wondered what is organic cannabis oil is and what are the benefits? Read on to find out…

You may have noticed that all of Sativa Gold cannabis oil products are certified organic. Achieving organic certification is a rigorous undertaking but we consider it vitally important for the health of those who use our products, and here’s why.

CBD oil is used to benefit wellbeing and so it makes sense that we want to ensure that the CBD itself is as beneficial as possible and is free from toxins.

So, what is Organic Cannabis Oil?

When choosing organic certified cannabis oils you can be confident that the oil is free from synthetic-chemical pesticides and fertilisers. The organic certification means the hemp plants were not genetically modified and that they were grown, harvested and processed without exposure to any toxic agents or additives. Therefore organic cannabis oil gives you peace of mind that you’re not consuming any chemicals that may negate the benefits of the cannabinoids.

Why is organic certification important?

We believe that growing organically is particularly important for hemp plants as they are very deep rooted plants which pull the nutrients from the soil around it. This means that if the soil contains toxins, heavy metals, fertilisers etc. they will settle in the plant and be present in the final CBD product, which is why we cultivate our hemp plants in the cleanest, fertile soils on organic farms in Europe. We also use a 100% natural alcohol-based extraction method to produce the highest grade cannabis oil possible. Our crops are organically grown, vegan certified and contain no herbicides, pesticides or heavy metals.

What are the organic standards?

When you buy officially certified organic CBD, you know that the following standards have been met:-

Soil and seed quality – The soil used to grow the hemp is free from man-made chemicals and toxins. The hemp seeds used to grow the organic hemp plants are untreated and 100% natural.

No harmful chemicals added  No growth enhancers, stimulators or hormones are used to grow organic hemp. No inorganic herbicides and pesticides are used during the growing process.

Truly natural conditions – The hemp grows under natural conditions, i.e. water and sunlight, without any form of artificial light or radiation.

No animal testing – Organic CBD oil products (including skin care products) are not tested on animals.


The health benefits of organic cannabis oil

As well as an assurance of quality there are also some health benefits linked to consuming organic products.

Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables treated by some pesticides can cause allergic reactions in some people. It’s important to note that there’s still some debate as to whether or not pesticides actually trigger these reactions or whether other forms of food allergies are the cause.

In 2014, Newcastle University published a study finding that organic crops had lower amounts of toxic metals such as cadmium.

Stanford University examined 240 studies on organic foods conducted between 1996 and 2011. They found that nutrition levels  were higher in organic crops. “Crops likes apples, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, milk, carrots and grains organic produce has 10 to 30 percent higher levels of several nutrients, including vitamin C, antioxidants and phenolic acid in most studies”.

Plus, and probably more importantly, it was overwhelmingly found that consuming organic food drastically reduces the amount of pesticides, herbicides, chemical and antibiotics that will go into your body. And – as you’re probably aware – greater consumption of such harmful compounds can increase the chances of adverse health effects.

I hope I’ve answered your question of ‘what is organic cannabis oil?’ and you are now confident