Olympic star Gail Emms shares her CBD journey

Thursday May 21, 2020

With a busy professional career in personal and business coaching, and a young family at home, Olympic silver medal winner and former World Badminton Champion, Gail Emms has a very busy lifestyle and is conscious about maintaining her health and wellbeing.

During a gym training session, a couple of her friends mentioned they were using CBD products and Gail decided to look into it. After trying CBD oil for the first time last year, Gail now uses it every day and says that the product has had a positive effect on her wellbeing.

Here’s what Gail had to say:

My work life is busy and with two young children at home, every day is a juggling act. Maintaining a wellbeing balance can be hard.

I train at a local gym and I got introduced to CBD from a couple of gym buddies who had just started using it. I’d never heard of it before and my first thought was “Is it legal?!” As an athlete, even taking Vicks was banned, so I’ve always been wary of what products I use and the effect that they can have on my body.

After a couple of months of hearing them talk about it I was intrigued to try it for myself. I researched the oils and began taking drops with my multivitamins.

To start with I took one drop a day and slowly built up to a couple of drops of the 500mg Refined CBD Oil every morning and every night. I take a couple of drops when I first wake up before breakfast, and then again before I brush my teeth in the evening.

I chose to drop the oil under my tongue and wait for it to be absorbed. It can feel quite strange but you do get used to it!

I noticed the changes to my wellbeing within a week. The drops are now a part of my everyday routine and I’m definitely an enthusiastic CBD advocate now! As my friends and I are in our early forties, we’re at the age where looking to maintain our health and wellbeing is important, so when asked, I always share information about CBD. I enjoy helping people understand more about the product and sharing my how it’s worked for me.

My advice for beginners is to take it slowly and find your own journey with how it works with you. Everybody is different – you may find that you need to add more over time, or that you only need a little bit each day to help. If you start slowly you can judge how and when to build the dosage, if you need to. And don’t worry if you forget to take a dose, it’s not medicine and it doesn’t matter!

On a personal note, I’m particularly excited to try the new rejuvenating cream.

Gail Emms won Silver in Mixed Doubles Badminton at the 2004 Athens Olympics. She is now a motivational speaker and personal and business coach, and mum to 10 year old Harry and 7 year old Ollie. Gail continues to train 6 times a week to maintain her fitness.

Gail will be taking part in a series of Instagram Live sessions this summer on how she uses CBD oil,  so make sure to follow us to find out more and chat to her directly.