How long does CBD take to work?

Tuesday October 5, 2021

There is no real answer to how long CBD takes to work, it is dependent on each different person as well as the way you take it. If you take it through a capsule form, you will feel the effects once digested and the oil has entered the bloodstream. This will get processed by your liver before entering the bloodstream and you usually feel any effect after around 1-2 hours. If you take it through an oil which is placed under the tongue you should feel the effects a lot quicker. This could be anytime between 15-30 minutes. These timings aren’t the same for everybody. It all depends on your age and your metabolism. Usually, the quicker your metabolism, the faster you may feel an effect.

When asking the question how long does CBD take to work, you must remember that taking CBD is not a quick fix for relieving symptoms. You need to take the oil on a regular basis at the same time every day for the best effects. You may only start to feel any effects after taking the oil after a week, if you feel no effect then you may wish to increase the dosage. However, do not do this too quickly and be patient.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and comes from a Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is obtained from hemp in the cannabis plant that contains only a small amount of THC and once taken seems to have some effect on the brain, however this is different to the effects of THC.

Benefits of CBD

Research suggests there are many benefits to using CBD oil that have been backed by scientific research. One benefit is that CBD oil may relieve symptoms of pain as the CBD impacts the endocannabinoid receptor activity in the body which helps to reduce inflammation. Another health benefit of taking CBD oil is that it may help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Various studies suggest that many people would prefer to use natural CBD to treat this instead of using pharmaceutical drugs that have caused them to have side effects including headaches and drowsiness. Using CBD to reduce symptoms of anxiety has also led to the natural remedy to help benefit heart health. Reducing symptoms of anxiety with CBD can lead to a reduction in blood pressure, leading to a healthier heart.

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