CBD Oil for Acne – how it worked for one sufferer

Tuesday February 16, 2021

The woes of acne

Here we look at a real-life case study of a customer who successfully used CBD Oil for acne.

Those who suffer from acne know how devastating and downright demoralising it can be to live with. Acne can affect you at any age, not just in your awkward teen years.

We spoke to a customer, a mum of three, who at the age of 31 has this very problem.

Our customer decided to share her story with us to help other acne sufferers. As you can imagine, it is a personal story and so we have agreed not to share her name. For the purposes of this blog, we have renamed her: ‘Ellen’.

Ellen’s story

Ellen had it pretty tough a year ago. Amid the first wave of the global pandemic, she was juggling her three children, work as a pre-school teacher and coming to terms with separating from her partner.

And of course, when dealing with her 2020 nightmare, Ellen experienced a lot of stress. Her stress turned into a physical manifestation of breakouts, adding to her misery. Since the age of 14, Ellen has suffered from acne and knew that stress was a big factor which tended to fuel flare-ups.

Like many acne sufferers, Ellen has tried numerous over-the-counter remedies and prescription medications. But none of these made enough of a difference for her. In fact, one prescribed cream used early into lockdown caused more suffering, leaving her skin raw, dry and red.

So, what could she do to tackle her skin flare-up?

A solution to acne outbreaks

Ellen’s sister suggested trying CBD. It was something that she had used before and had read it could be beneficial in tackling skin conditions such as acne.

At first, this suggestion sounded radical. “Really?” Ellen asked, “is it even legal?”

So Ellen looked into CBD oil for acne. She learnt it is both safe and legal, and growing in popularity. She started spotting CBD products in supermarkets, high street health stores and online.

She even mentioned it to her boss who, it turns out, had also used it in the past. Her boss too had been spurred on by good recommendations from others.

Finally, Ellen felt positive about giving CBD a try. She liked the sound of using a natural product.

So she went for it.

Ellen decided that, to give it a proper try, she would use CBD for at least two months. This would give her body time to adjust and time for her to fully assess any impact of taking CBD.

The CBD products she chose

Ellen chose our 500mg strength CBD oil and the 500mg strength rejuvenating CBD cream to help tackle her acne. The CBD cream is her day and night moisturiser.

At one point she went off the taste of the CBD oil, which she was taking under the tongue. So, she tried our white chocolate ChocCaps and our CBD capsules which are swallowed whole. But in the end, she came back to the oil as she became used to the taste.

The results!

Happily, CBD was a winner for Ellen. She told us, “My skin is a million times better. For the first time, it looks a lot clearer and feels a lot better”.

She noted her skin now has a more even tone.

She still has a still has a few spots from time to time, but nowhere near the level she had been experiencing before.

Ellen did find that it took a while for the benefits of CBD to show. Her skin got worse before it got better, but she stuck with it. She told us she thought that sometimes skin worsens temporarily when the impurities are being expelled from the skin. Her patience paid off and she now has clearer, healthier feeling skin.

An additional benefit Ellen noticed is that her sleep quality improved, and she can ‘switch off’ a lot easier.

Improved sleep is something which other CBD customers have also mentioned to us. Tune into our next customer interviews to discover their personal journeys with CBD.

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