How do you extract CBD from cannabis?

Thursday November 25, 2021

So, you know that CBD is found in cannabis but “How do you extract CBD from cannabis?”

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be briefly defined as a natural extract from the hemp plant.  The process of extraction separates the CBD molecule from the other compounds found in the cannabis plant, and purifies the solution. This can then be added to a carrier oil.

The method for extracting cannabidiol (CBD) plays an integral part in the overall quality of the finished product. CBD is soluble in alcohol as well as in CO₂, and these are the two main methods of extraction.

Alcohol Extraction of CBD

At Sativa Gold we use a 100% natural alcohol-based extraction method to produce the highest grade CBD extract possible. The cannabis plant material is soaked in alcohol and as the solvent evaporates we are left with a pure CBD Oil.

The alcohol extraction method is known to ensure maximum extraction not just of the CBD, but also of other cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and other beneficial substances from the plants. retained in their original chemical ratios, maintaining the plant’s natural balance. So when it comes to producing a particularly clean extract that exploits the full potential of the hemp plant into a CBD product, alcohol is excellent.

CO2 CBD Extraction

Carbon dioxide can also be used to extract CBD from cannabis. Through the use of a pressurised chamber CO2 is forced over the cannabis leaves where it strips away cannabinoids like CBD. The solution is then brought back to temperatures and pressures at which the CO2 reverts to gas and evaporates, leaving behind the CBD extracted out of the cannabis plant material.

However, unlike alcohol extraction, CO2 offers a very limited extraction. It doesn’t extract a wide range of compounds and it extracts a high quantity of fats and lipids.

At Sativa Gold we control the entire production process, from farm to door, to ensure that our products are tested, pure and compliant, We task our agronomists with the selection of the finest varieties of EU approved hemp seed and cultivate them in the cleanest, fertile soils on our organic farms in Europe. Once cultivated and transported to our UK labs where we undertake the extraction process.

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