CBD lab reports – why are they important?

Thursday October 14, 2021

When choosing which brand to buy from, it is important that you consider and compare CBD lab reports for any purchase. With the demand for CBD products growing, you should make sure you are getting your money’s worth from the products you are buying. Many companies are not being truthful about the concentration of CBD in their product. To solve this problem, companies have turned to third-party laboratory testing to help provide peace of mind for their customers.

What are CBD lab reports?

CBD lab reports are created when a CBD product is sent to a laboratory to help confirm the amount of CBD in a product. The lab report states the strength and amount of cannabinoids in the product and also gives details on any other chemicals such as pesticides which may also be included. The main aim of a CBD lab report is to offer an unbiased review of CBD products to ensure the customer is buying a high-quality CBD product that will work best for their needs.

What to look for in a CBD lab report?

There are many results to look for in a CBD report to ensure you are getting the most effective product for you and also ensuring you are getting the most out of your money.

Firstly, the main result you should be looking for is the amount of CBD in the product. Many companies tend to hide the true amount of CBD included and will sell it to you for the same cost, meaning you will receive a product which may not be as effective as you would hope.

Another result you should look for in a lab report is the amount of THC included. Although it is normal to have a small amount of this in the product, you do not want the product to have more than 0.3% of THC as CBD products are not used for ‘getting high’.

As well as the amount of THC, it is also best to check the details about the cannabinoid profile. The lab report will tell you all the components that are included in the product so, if you are purchasing a product that is full spectrum then this will include CBD together with other components such as CBG. However if you are purchasing an Isolate product then there should only be pure CBD with no other components included.

Why are CBD lab reports important?

When looking at purchasing CBD products it is important to understand where they come from and how they are produced to ensure that they are safe, pure and of high-quality. This is why CBD lab reports are important as they provide a list of all the components that make up the CBD product including whether the product contains any pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

Nowadays, this third-party laboratory testing is how you separate CBD companies from the good and bad. It is always suggested to purchase CBD products from a company that sends its products to a third party testing company to test both the safety of the product and the concentration of the CBD included.

To provide clarity to our customers, we provide batch test results to validate the safety, legality and conformity of every CBD product we produce. You can easily read the results by scanning the batch test barcode on your product or visit our CBD lab batch report page.