CBD for pain

Friday April 30, 2021

As part of our Real Customer Stories series, we spoke to a customer who has been suffering from pain caused by a broken wrist and has been using CBD for pain.

James*, 44, broke his wrist a year ago. He was put on strong pain killers and found regaining his dexterity and flexibility was a slow process.

James works at his desk 5 days a week and has found the lockdowns are slowly grinding him down. On top of his wrist break, he also suffers from an old sports injury to his shoulder. James wanted to come off his pain meds as quickly as possible.

One day, a family member suggested he use Sativa Gold’s CBD oil to ease his discomfort.

James had already heard of CBD. His business partner had used CBD oil for a long time and rated it highly. He did wonder if the benefits of CBD were all in people’s heads, but he was happy to give it a try.

To give the CBD time to take effect, James bought two CBD oils to try out for a couple of months. He kept the bottles on his desk so that he would remember to take it daily.

Did CBD oil help ease his pain?

James found it took a month of taking CBD oil before he could tell it was having an impact on his pain levels. This noticeable difference spurred him on to continue taking CBD. He began with 500 mg strength and moved on to 1000 mg strength which is optimum for him.

“I genuinely believe it helps with the pain”

James is so pleased about how much CBD has worked for him. He tells us that his general wellbeing has improved, and he has been able to ditch his painkillers. He has converted from suspecting it is all in people’s heads to saying, “I genuinely believe it helps with the pain”.

Other than his breakthrough with pain management, he told us that he liked the taste being “organic” (he uses our full spectrum Raw Cannabis oil). He also loves the packaging and feels that the product is a “legitimate commodity”.

James finds our website easy to navigate and reorder, and he particularly likes our barcode system which helps him easily check where the product came from and what is in it.

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