CBD for beginners: Oil, cream, tablet?

Tuesday March 9, 2021

You may have heard your gym buddies or yoga partner talking about CBD and the benefits they are receiving but not know where to start yourself. Here’s a CBD for beginners guide.

CBD can be transformative for peoples’ wellness, and it is not surprising that they all want to talk about it!

If you choose to start out on your own CBD journey, you may find the choice overwhelming. Which brand should you try? Are all CBD brands basically the same? What format should you try and how will you know when it is working?

Let us lead you through the choices ahead.

Choosing a CBD brand

Not all CBD brands are created equal. Whilst the UK regulators are looking to address this by including CBD products in the Novel Foods Act (which will come into force on 31 March), tests have found that not all CBD products offer the same level of the active ingredient.

Since CBD has risen in popularity, a number of known brands have adopted it into their product lines, with CBD products popping up on the shelves of Holland and Barratt, Boots, Superdrug and the main supermarkets. But whilst these products may have the backing of major household names, not all share the same quality and concentration.

We recommend you look into the brand you are considering and look at the quality of the CBD content in your product. Reputable CBD brands will share their lab results for each batch to show exactly what is in the product. You can see our independent batch reports here.

CBD for Beginners Guide to Choosing a CBD format –

CBD comes in a range of formats  and this can be confusing for beginners. We sell oils, Gel Caps, capsules and a rejuvenating cream. CBD can also come in misting face sprays, gummies and vape pens.

CBD oil

The most popular format is the CBD oil, which is considered the most efficient way of absorbing CBD into the body when dropped under the tongue. Our oils come in raw and refined versions and in different strengths.

CBD oil is in an easy format to take, especially if you find pills difficult to swallow. Our CBD oil comes with a dropper for you to tailor the amount you take and to easily direct the drops under your tongue for maximum absorption.

CBD Gel Caps

If you prefer to do away with droppers, another simple way to consume CBD oil is via our Gel Caps. These pre-filled capsules are available in both raw and refined flavours in a variety of different strengths that dissolve slowly under your tongue. New to the range are the delicious white chocolate ChocCaps for people who prefer the sweeter taste. CBD Gel Caps are a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy CBD.

CBD Capsules

If you prefer a more traditional way of taking your supplements, a capsule might work best for you. These are handy capsules you can take with or after eating. Our Premium Cannabis Capsules come in 10mg pills, so is a great way of taking smaller doses when working up to your optimum level. It may take longer to feel the effect, as capsules give a slower release into the body.

Rejuvenating cream

When considering CBD for beginners CBD cream is a good place to start. Sativa Gold’s Intensive Rejuvenating Cream keeps your skin moisturised throughout the day. Its luxurious, silky texture not only feels amazing but enhances the transdermal absorption of CBD cannabinoids into your body.

Our cream is from all-natural premium cannabis CBD and helps repair, restore, calm and provide instant relief.

Our cream is particularly popular with people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne since it allows topical application exactly where you need it.

So which CBD will you try?

Whichever product you try, there is the same active ingredient in all. Choosing which CBD format to take is down to your personal choice.

Always check with your doctor before taking CBD for the first time.

We always recommend starting with a smaller dose and slowly increasing this to find your optimal amount.  Everyone is different and the right dosage for you will depend on your weight, susceptibility, and the level and type of relief you are seeking.

A good place to start is with our lowest dose CBD oil.